Most families invest in photography sessions only to receive discs of beautiful images that sit in a drawer for months or even years. We offer a luxury portrait experience that makes it simple for you to capture your family's most memorable moments and display them beautifully in your home!  Our in-home Premier Night and Design Consultation allows us to do all of the hard work for you. We even bring gourmet dessert! Contact us today to schedule your initial phone consultation and become part of our Grace Girl VIP Family!

is to love and serve our clients with excellence and integrity!  

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the vip experience

We take all of the stress out of portrait sessions! We will help you style your wardrobe for the session, decide on a location that best tells your story, and even give you fun prompts during your session that help you relax and feel completely natural in front of the camera! On your Premier Night we will bring gourmet dessert and help you select your favorite images in person, in the comfort of your own home! We will place the order and deliver it to your doorstep, but we don't stop there! We can help you design and hang your gallery walls as well!

Our VIP clients have been blown away by how enjoyable and rewarding the entire experience is! In some cases, we have helped them not only display the beautiful images from their most recent session with us, but we've also helped find places for images from previous sessions with other photographers. You can even take advantage of our personal shopping and interior design services!

We are thrilled to offer a luxury portrait experience unique to the River Region

If you have ever paid for a photo session only to have the pictures sit on a thumb drive in your desk drawer for months or years, then you understand the incredible value of this experience! We don't want to leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to best display the gorgeous images from your session! We want to walk you through the process step by step and leave you with a wall full of beautiful canvases that tell your story and give you joy each time you walk by them in your home. Investing in your family’s memories will be one of the greatest investments you ever make. When your children are grown and stepping bravely into their own futures as adults, you will have a home full of beautiful, priceless memories to remind you of the joy, excitement, and even challenges of each passing season. 

We can't wait to partner with you in this beautiful journey! Contact us today to schedule your initial phone consultation!

From the moment you contact us to schedule your session, you will receive the Grace Girl VIP treatment! We will give you not only an amazing session experience, but our in-home Premier Night and Design Consultation ensure that your images and memories will be displayed beautifully in your home to enjoy for years to come!

portrait collections begin at $1,650

As you watch the sessions come to life before your eyes, you will feel the emotions and will experience first-hand the fun and excitement that is our session. We can't wait to welcome you to our Grace Girl VIP Family! 

amazing custom slideshows are a special part of the Grace Girl VIP Experience



kendrick, shea and malachi vip session

The lammon family vip session

The d'elia family vip session


The palmore family VIP SESSIOn

frequently asked questions

How do I book a session?

Just email us through our contact section right here! We will get back with you shortly to set up a complimentary phone consultation to find out more about your family and schedule a date for your VIP session!

How much does a VIP session cost?

The session fee is $150 and our VIP Collections (best value) begin at $1650.00. This includes our entire VIP Experience as well as heirloom quality canvases and print products that you will treasure for a lifetime. 
We take payments in the form of cash, check, all major credit cards, and PayPal.

What should we wear for our session?

I have designed a style guide to help you with this! Just follow the suggestions outlined for you in the style guide and let me know if you have any questions. I'm always here to help!

Where will we go for our session?

This depends on your family's style and your vision for your images. I will select a location, once I know more about your family, that will perfectly reflect your style and personalities.

What is a Premier Night?

Your Premier Night & Design Consultation is a super special opportunity for you to have me IN YOUR HOME for the evening to help you select your favorite images and design your gallery walls. I will walk you through the selection and ordering process step by step and even measure your walls to help you decide what will look best with your decor (for example, framed canvases or gallery wraps). You get SPECIAL PREMIER NIGHT PRICING on that night ONLY while I'm there with you! I even bring your choice of gourmet dessert. It's truly an experience about which our VIP clients rave!

Do I have to order that night?

NO! You do NOT have any obligation to place an order that night! However you DO receive special Premier Night Pricing that night ONLY. The reason for this is because that night I'm actually there with you in your home, able to help you design and finalize your order. Collections are the best value for your investment and they are only available ON the Premier Night. It's not possible to order Collections through the website. So, anything ordered after that night is A La Carte and will have an additional 25% web ordering fee added on.

Can I post my images on social media?

If you purchase a collection that includes your edited digital negatives, then YES! We LOVE when our clients share their images with their family and friends! You will have a copyright release that covers this in more detail. And of course we always appreciate when our clients take the time to tag us in their photos and let their friends and family know who took them!

How long will it take to get my images back?

The day of your session we will go ahead and schedule your Premier Night. It will be within two weeks or less from the date of your session (unless your schedule requires a longer period in between). You will see all of your edited images along with a special custom slide show made just for you on your Premier Night!

How long does it take for my order to come in?

This depends on which Collection you order and what products are included, but you typically will receive them within 1-3 weeks. We will deliver your order in person and even help you hang your canvases if needed! We call this our Cherry on Top Service and we have found that husbands love this the most because it means they might not have to hammer a single nail!

Why should I invest in the VIP Experience when I could use a photographer that just gives me all of my images on a disc for much less?

We absolutely LOVE answering this question WITH a question: Have you ever paid for a professional photo session? If the answer is yes, did you get your images on a disc (or Dropbox, or online gallery, etc) afterwards? The answer to that is probably yes as well, and, if so, the next question is this: Where are those pictures now? Are they hanging on your walls in your home or are they still hidden away in a desk drawer? If the answer is that they are in a desk drawer and NOT on your walls then THAT is why you should invest in the VIP Experience! We found that our clients were just overwhelmed with the whole process of sorting, selecting, ordering, framing, and hanging their images after a session. It took forever and they just didn't know where to start! I talked recently with a local print shop owner who confided in me that she still had not printed the images she'd gotten from their last family session with another photographer, AND SHE OWNS HER OWN PRINT SHOP. She has ALL the necessary knowledge, expertise, and professional equipment to print her own images and STILL hasn't done it yet! Why? Because we all get so busy and it gets pushed to the back burner. Your family's memories deserve to be displayed front and center for you to enjoy every single day, and we can help you make that dream a reality by doing ALL of the hard work FOR YOU. So friend, what are you waiting for? Contact us here and let us welcome you to our Grace Girl VIP Family today!!!

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